Three Types Who Need to Control Their Carbohydrates

All this is fascinating, you are probably saying, but is it really relevant to my own particular, very individual situation? If you have a weight problem, it is extremely likely that the information contained in this book can help you solve it. My confidence is based on the fact that a long time ago, in 1964 to be exact, I first tried a controlled clinical trial by placing sixty-five subjects on a controlled carbohydrate regimen and sixty-four of them were able to reach their goal weight. The one who did not was still able to lose 90 pounds. In the years since, I have continued to use this program to treat obesity, and I continue to have outstandingly successful results.

So in order to help you understand your individual situation and where you do or don’t fit in, I’ll profile three typical obese patients. Several characteristic overweight patterns result from carbohydrate metabolism disorders that are instantly recognizable. Do any of the following sound achingly familiar?

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 Really Don’t Eat That Much

Are you overweight despite the fact that you don’t eat that much?

  • Do you follow standard weight loss diets to the letter, yet make no headway losing weight, or get stuck far short of your goal?
  • Have you noticed that many slim people definitely consume more food and more calories than you do?
  • Are you just plain unpleasantly hungry on low-calorie/ low-fat diets?
  • Do you find the amount of food you eat is really the least you can take in without feeling physically unsatisfied?
  • Do you feel unfulfilled when you finish a so-called “balanced” meal?
  • Do you find that when you eat the amount of food that feels just right, you don’t lose-or you even gain?
  • Do you find yourself losing and regaining the same 10 to 15 pounds?
  • Do you gain weight even though you eat natural, low fat foods?
  • Have you often said, “I’m really very disciplined; it must be my metabolism”?
  • Do you ever wonder if your weight problem could be hereditary?
  • Do you eat to make yourself feel better?

I Crave Food Always!

Do you have a habit of eating late at night after dinner?

  • Do you have a tendency to binge?
  • Do you constantly crave sweets, pasta, bread and other high-carbohydrate foods?

What Your Answers Reveal

  • Do you nibble all day long when food is available?
  • Do you have a strong desire to eat again within two hours of eating a filling meal?
  • Do you consider yourself a compulsive eater?
  • Have you ever said, “I only wish I could control my eating behavior”?
  • Do you wish you had more control over how much food you eat?
  • Do you have specific symptoms of ill health, such as the ones I’m about to list, that diminish or vanish as soon as you eat?

First of all, I would find it hard to believe there could be a significantly overweight person who had no “yes” responses. If your affirmative responses form a pattern, I almost undoubtedly have a solution for your problem. So let’s delve a little deeper.

Do most of your “yes” responses place you in Group A? Then you have a metabolic problem, manifested either by an inability to lose weight or keep it off, or by hunger or the inability to achieve and maintain satiety (a feeling of being full or satisfied). If most of your “yes” responses were to Group B questions, you probably have some form of glucose intolerance. You may suffer from hypoglycemia-more accurately called unstable blood sugar, or, in some cases, pre-diabetes.

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