What is the role of social media in digital marketing?

In the world of digitalization, marketing approaches are rapidly changing as interaction between the physical world and the digital world, which opens up new business opportunities and challenges that have been very hard to imagine some decades ago. Digital platforms are changing the fundamental workings of many businesses.

With a continuous increasing rate, people are becoming Techno savvy every day. There has been a sharp increase in the number of people using internet and mobile applications as their primary information source. The changing trend is forcing manufacturers to embrace internet based digital technology as a means of communication and to come up with new, creative ways to capture the attention of wide markets. Many companies have discovered that the Internet offers a cost effective means of outreach.

Marketing and Digital Marketing

Meaning of Marketing: – Marketing is an activity in which manufacturer tries to reach near the end user of the product by way of advertising, campaign, and taking support of Promotional sites, mobile phones, banners, posters

Meaning of Digital Marketing: – Digital marketing is a platform which is helpful for the entrepreneur’s, wishing to sell the product out of the boundaries of their limits. It supports new entrepreneur’s to promote their product in low cost and can generate the business with the help of social media in domestic country and also outside of the nation.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

1) Transparency in information of product and services: Due to digitalization information is available on one click and people can get crystal clear transparent information about the product or service in detail form.

2) Update information about product: Due to continuous improvement and update in the product information is continuously upgraded on the site and easily editing can be done and customer can get immediate updates as and where ever required.

3) Comparative analysis with competitors: Due to technological advancement it becomes very easy to compare our product with competitors product, it helps to upgrade existing product in comparison with competitors’ product to sustain in the market.

4) Supports in Branding: Due to digitalization it becomes easy to provide separate identity to the product which supports in creating some unique identity of the product, which creates image in the mind of consumers

5) Less expensive: Digital marketing is less expensive, with the support of digital marketing it becomes easy to do advertisement on social sites, and media channels personalize email

Medium of digital marketing

Mobile phones: Mobile devices are prominently used by almost all the product base companies dealing in consumer products, specialty products, shopping products, luxury products. It supports marketing in one single click; companies can explore the information of their product near thousands of people in one single stroke by way of SMS, Whatsapp

Social media: In today’s digital youth social Medias play an important role for marketing the goods as and where ever. Social sites support small entrepreneurs, handicraft arts from rural areas; it promotes the talent from various corners of the world and tries to provide some unique identity with some specialized work. Some popular sites such as Facebook and twitter

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