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Comparative Study between Manual College Management System and Automated College Management System

Many educational sectors in Asian countries in the past few decades have witnessed massive growth in a number of institutes and students. The associated policies and procedures related to various educational functions like admission process, attendance system, Teacher -student interaction and examination have grown manifold and had been streamlined.

Also, it is seen that the information technology tools have offered pretty promising solutions to enable effective management of these functions. College automation system deals with all kinds of student details of college, academic details and other such resources. This will help the institution to utilize its resources in an efficient manner.

This system is capable of greatly atomizing work. Since human memory cannot store too much data and is volatile there are chances for errors but with the help of a system that can store huge amount of data systematically the error quotient is greatly reduced.


During earlier system teachers used to write the attendance manually on papers, count them and make a final entry. All this was time consuming and tedious. Also different teachers have different method of marking attendance which adds to more complexity and thereby increasing the number of errors while performing the task. Also earlier it was not possible for the teacher to entertain each and every student. Hence, Students were not able to get the information due to lack of communication. To this savior was a notice board hanging on a wall and thereby letting every student know what all assignments, activities students are supposed to do.

Current System

These were a little better than the manual system. The various departments in college started using excel sheets for maintaining the records. This improved the functionalities like counting and adding, it also reduces the time consumed. It had better chances of data recovery. But these excel sheet were maintain on different system so when there is a need to generate a summarized report of a student they had to gather information from different system which again proved to be tedious task. Also the chance of redundant data increases.

The data about the present batch of the student as well as that of pass out students of the college were filled and stored in the computer. This increased the level of security and enhanced the backup capability. However, this still include some issues regarding the manual task. Since, the data has to be filled and updated manually in the system.


Thus from the research work and the result of the survey conducted it can be concluded that college automated management system will be more beneficial for the colleges as well as students. As manual work consumes more time and is tedious thing to do college automation management system will be the suitable replacement to it. Also the future belongs to the art of smart work.

Technology is growing rapidly; hence college automation system can be more enhanced after some years where face recognition, voice recognition, and other such tool can be integrated with it. College automation system provides more data integrity, data security and data analytics. This system can give efficient analysis of the data gathered such as list of regular and irregular student, good performing students, status of the fees paid and paid etc.

The system will be more transparent as work such as marking attendance, internal assessment of students will be done less manually or completely through the system. The time saved of the teachers and students by using such college automation system can be utilized in creating more skill based education system. It can be concluded that college automation is a one-time investment providing better solution to the college management system work.

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