Will CBD Oil Appear on A Drug Test?

The straight answer to this question is that it is unlikely. When you are being screened for employment, the obvious content that they are looking for is cannabis. This means that the test would be looking to find out whether there are any traces of THC in your blood.

They will not be looking for CBD. If you take the right CBD which lacks traces of THC, then CBD will not appear on a drug test. Yes, CBD is an extract obtained from the cannabis plant. However, it will not appear in the drug test. Why? Simply stated, its chemical structure is different from THC, as has been discussed. Consequently, any test will not detect CBD, but it will detect the presence of THC.

An issue arises when you purchase the wrong product from the store thinking that it is THC-free. It therefore makes it imperative to confirm that you are buying CBD oil that is THC-free. This is the only way that you will pass a drug test. If you are using CBD for your health, there are several reasons why you could fail a CBD drug test.

Product With THC

One of the main reasons why people fail the CBD test is because they ingest CBD oil with traces of THC. Confusion happens when shopping for the right CBD product. It mostly occurs when consumers settle for lowquality products. Such products might not be accurately labelled to prevent a user from consuming CBD with some THC traces. Similarly, there are dishonest manufacturers that could claim their products lack THC and yet they have some quantities. This could also affect the possibilities of passing a CBD test.

Mislabeling of Products

Mislabelling of products is simply misleading. The oil that is extracted from hemp plant should not have traces of THC above 0.3%. However, most sellers will label their products to be THC-free and yet they have been extracted from the marijuana plant. This means that they will have THC above 0.3% in them. A user could therefore fail their test if they fail to settle for quality products that have been accurately labeled.

Cross Contamination of THC

If there are small amounts of THC within the material where CBD is extracted from, it means that the CBD oil produced will also have THC. Accordingly, the chances of failing a CBD drug test are high in such situations.

Passive Exposure to THC

It is also likely that you could fail a CBD drug test if you expose yourself to marijuana smokers for a prolonged period. Some might argue the THC amounts that one is exposed to are not enough to fail a test, but there are slight chances that it could affect your CBD drug test. Therefore, you should be wary of such exposure just to be on the safe side.

Tricks to Pass a CBD Drug Test

In line with the issue of passing or failing a CBD drug test, it all comes down to finding ways of passing the test. First, passing the test depends on how well you research a CBD product before purchasing it. Don’t be in a rush to buy a low-quality product with the hopes that you will save some cash. Go for a quality product that is pure regardless of the price .

Secondly, you should embrace the idea of asking questions about the CBD product. Find out the processing techniques that were used. This will give you a deeper insight into the product. You will be in a better position to understand whether cross-contamination might have occurred.

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