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Simplified Water Supply with Bedford Electric’s WLD160 VFD Controlled Pump

In the quest for a new era in water supply efficiency, they turn to Bedford Electric and their innovative WLD160 VFD Controlled Pump. This pump is changing the way water supply operations are managed, simplifying processes and improving overall performance.

Versatility for Various Applications

One of the key strengths of the WLD160 VFD Controlled Pump is its versatility. It is engineered to serve a wide range of applications, from domestic water supply to tap water pressurization, garden irrigation, and even vegetable greenhouse water supply. Bedford Electric understands that different users have diverse needs, and this pump caters to them all.

User-Friendly Operation

Ease of operation is a hallmark of the WLD160 pump. On-site parameter settings ensure that the pump can automatically provide a constant pressure water supply, eliminating the need for continuous manual adjustments. This user-friendly design simplifies water supply operations, making them more efficient.

Reliable Fault Detection

The WLD160 pump doesn’t just stop at efficiency; it also prioritizes reliability. Automatic fault detection and alarm systems ensure that any issues are immediately identified. This proactive approach allows for quick resolutions, minimizing downtime and enhancing the overall reliability of the water supply system.


In summary, Bedford Electric’s WLD160 VFD Controlled Pump is ushering in a new era of simplicity and efficiency in water supply operations. Its versatility, user-friendly operation, and reliable fault detection make it an ideal choice for various applications. Whether it’s for residential water supply or agricultural irrigation, this pump simplifies water supply, ensuring consistent and hassle-free performance.

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