New88 – Tips for playing Bau Cua to always win for everyone

Election crab is a red and black game that is loved by the gaming community, and almost everyone wants to win a lot. However, it is not an easy thing to do, because good players also have to go through the process of training and studying. Today New88+đăng+nhập will guide you through playing tips election crab always win. Together New88 Discover now!

Tips for playing Bau Cua for new players

For those who are participating in Bau Tom for the first time, they are probably looking for good tips. The following are tips that new players should know, distilled from experience from veteran gamers.

New players need to train their memory to record the adjacent and opposite sides between the dice. To choose in the next game, you need to analyze and judge them according to the following rules:

  • Brothers of the opposite type of the three that appeared previously.
  • Pay attention to the faces adjacent to the surface that has appeared. That is exactly the necessary data for you to easily analyze the results for the next games.
  • You must remember that gourd is opposite crabs, shrimps are opposite fish, chickens and deer.
  • Gourd is adjacent to fish, deer, shrimp, and crab.

For example:

According to the experience of the previous generation, New88 has diligently compiled the following results:

  • The first result is: 2 Gourds – 1 Crab -> In the next game, if you bet on Shrimp or Crab, you will definitely win.
  • The first result is: 2 Gourds – 1 Chicken -> In the next game, if you bet on Gourds, you will definitely win.
  • The first result is: 2 Crabs – 1 Gourd -> In the next game, if you bet on Shrimp, you will definitely win.
  • The first result is: 2 Shrimp – 1 Gourd -> In the next game, if you bet on Deer, you will definitely win.
  • The first result is: 2 Fish – 1 Deer -> If you bet on Shrimp in the next game, you will definitely win.
  • The first result is: 2 Chickens – 1 Gourd -> In the next game, if you bet on Fish, you will definitely win.
  • The first result is: 2 Chickens – 1 Fish -> In the next game, if you bet on Bau, you will definitely win.
  • The first result is: 2 Deer – 1 Fish -> In the next game, if you bet on Chicken or Deer, you will definitely win.

With the rules of appearance of dice faces that you are already familiar with, please immediately refer to the tips below in the article.

Firmly grasp the methods of playing shrimp gourd

For those who have been playing for a long time, here’s a tip election crab You definitely need to remember to follow the rules. And of course these principles apply to real life. Details as below:
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You should bet according to the majority

Play tips election crab The best thing that people always whisper to each other these days is that you should bet in large numbers. Because expert players often win a lot, most of the rest will take the opportunity to place bets. However, you should skip the first 10 games to watch so you can apply this great tip correctly. Then, to bet, you will find out which shrimp gourd masters are and follow them. This tip is suitable for those who are just starting out and do not have much experience.

Bet on the hand that often appears

A playing experience election crab Also receiving the most attention today, these are the capacitors that appear with great frequency. These capacitors have a very high probability of appearing in the next screen. Therefore, please follow the levels and then continue to repeat them!

Apply farming tips

Players apply tips to raise the concentration election crab Also sought after by the gaming community. Specifically:

Raising a single pair of capacitors: this direction will not cause you to lose many goals. Simply put, in theory, focusing on a single card will have a low win rate. However, your odds of winning are higher when you double this number of hands. You need to remember that you need to have stable playing capital for this method of raising pairs. In addition, you should divide your money in a reasonable way.

Raising flocks in a folding way: How to raise flocks election crab It will be understood that in the first 5 levels, you will raise 1 card. In the next stage, you bet double the amount of money to appear first if in the first stage. However, for experienced players election crab Applying this tip will be much more successful. This way of playing takes a lot of your time and requires high perseverance. The odds of winning are not high, but you are definitely safe and won’t lose much.

Understand the tips of the game election crab will increase the win rate up to 70% – 80%. In particular, it helps you always improve your winning rate. And most of all, it helps your mind become lighter and more comfortable. Of course you need to learn how to keep some psychological factors in check.

Above is New88’s article providing full playing tips election crab Apply always wins in all cases. Hope you gain a lot of useful knowledge when participating in these games. Don’t forget to update casino New88 Every day to read more good articles.

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