Knife Fighting Cockfighting – Advantages and Tips When Playing This Game

Cockfighting is a popular form of cockfighting today and is favored by many bettors. Join New88today to learn about the subjectgamechicken Why is it highly appreciated by the member community at the house? Besides, this article will share some tips to help new players more easily conquer this game.

Introducing the form of cockfighting betting

Cockfighting is the hottest type of betting entertainment currently on the Asian market. This subject at New88 is among the top popular games on the house system. The proof is clear when the number of accounts accessing to watch live matches and betting on fighting cocks is large and bustling every day.

Normally, in the form of cockfighting, the cocks will be thoroughly trained in skillful striking and defense skills. Besides, this type of fighting allows each fighting cock to have a sharp, highly damaging knife spur attached to it.

Therefore, this form of competition brings together a series of good fighting cock breeds. It is known that the end of each cockfighting match with knife spurs is usually life or death. Therefore, each confrontation always contains tension and fierceness, making viewers always feel excited every time they experience it.

Evaluation of the entertaining form of cockfighting betting

To explain why this type of cockfighting betting is the most popular on the New88 bookmaker system. Let’s find out what the strengths of cockfighting with knife spurs are, what makes it different from other types of fights. Specifically:

Knife cockfighting has an indescribable appeal and thrill

Each cockfighting match played in this format has its own unique appeal, making it difficult for viewers to miss. The confrontation between the two cocks took place fiercely and intensely until the last moment of the match. This is one of the advantages of this type of cockfighting that makes the betting community popular.

In addition, the New88 system owns a team of professional commentators. They use a lot of humorous language, a hot trend today. Therefore, every word from the commentator at Cua Dao cockfighting matches always makes a strong impression, bringing more excitement to viewers when experiencing on the house’s website.

The form of competition is with a number of matches taking place continuously throughout the day

According to statistics fromBookmaker New88 said that the system broadcasts many live matches in this form every day. When the number of game accounts accessing the website and watching confrontations with the format allowing chickens to attach knife spurs is larger than other competitions.
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It is known that each cockfighting match according to regulations lasts about 10 – 15 minutes. But in reality, in almost 5 minutes, the confrontation between the two cocks ended. The number of matches in this format takes place continuously, so you can freely participate at any time of the day.

Type of competition with the participation of many chicken breeds

With the fighting nature of the fighting form, Cua Dao cockfighting is always a gathering place for many of the fiercest fighters. It is known that the confrontations of chickens with knife spurs always have the presence of many different breeds of chickens today. These include Philippine chickens, American fighting chickens, Peruvian fighting chickens, and Thomo chickens.

Each breed of chicken mentioned above has different ways of attacking and defending. Promising to bring viewers to witness firsthand the attacks, defeating opponents or in the blink of an eye of each majestic and talented rooster in this form of fighting competition.

The best cockfighting betting tips for newbies

To help those who have just joined the departmentNew88 cockfighting If you can bet correctly, don’t forget to learn these tips from the experts. The purpose is to increase your chances of winning every time you participate in cockfighting betting. Specifically:

Find out relevant information about fighting cocks

To make accurate cock fighting results, you should not ignore learning information related to the fighting ability of each chicken. Factors that you should analyze carefully according to expert guidance, specifically:

  • Physical strength: This is an important factor as well as the basis to help you predict the win or loss of each chicken. Usually, fighting cocks possess strong and durable physiques with characteristics such as wide wingspan, firm thighs and decisive strike speed. According to the experience of experts giving advice, players should appreciate animals that react and dodge attacks quickly.
  • Health: You should choose chickens that are not sick. A fighting cock in good health usually possesses the following identifying characteristics. Specifically, their mouths are not sticky, sweating and drooling.
  • Wings: This is the part that affects the fighting ability of each chicken. Chickens that have a high beating frequency and the ability to stretch their wings are good fighting chickens and have a very high chance of winning.
  • Legs: To predict which bird will win the upcoming cockfighting match, you should prioritize choosing a cock with sturdy, strong and healthy legs.

Don’t forget to consult information from the commentator of the cockfighting match

The duty of each commentator in a cockfighting match is to provide the current status of the cocks as well as the current developments in the ring. This is useful and valuable information that members participating in betting at New88 should not ignore. This will help you have many grounds to make accurate betting decisions.


Knife cockfighting is one of the forms of competition at New88 that many people love and enjoy every time they watch it. Please create a New88 member account to participate in this sport and bet effectively on this system!

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