Industrial Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University: the best in China

China is a leading country in technological innovation and progress. The country has a well-established academic institution that has been producing some of the brightest minds in the world for decades. The Industrial Research Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University was established in 2018. This article explores the innovative contributions of this leading institution to China and the world.

Industry Research Institute of Antai College, Shanghai Jiaotong University

ACEM’s Industrial Research Institute is a research institute specializing in industrial economic research. The mission of the Institute is to train outstanding researchers who can contribute to economic development through research results and innovative applications. To achieve this, the Institute operates independently and has autonomy in terms of funding, administration, curriculum development, and evaluation. Feel free to visit to know more about isaimini

The Antai College’s IIR pioneers a novel and paradigm-shifting approach to business education in China. We integrate industry-aligned, longitudinal investigation with academic discipline-based cross-industry research, forging a virtuous circle among practice, academic research, and teaching. 33 industry research teams to date, focused on everything from the national economy to people’s livelihoods.

In conclusion

ACEM’s IIR is a powerhouse in the world business community. They provide thought-provoking insights, covering everything from China’s economy to the latest technology trends. If you’re looking for information that can help you stay on top of things, then be sure to check out ACEM!

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