How Should I Select a Travel Water Flosser?

In theory, we all want to maintain good dental health. When we are at home and have access to our toiletries, we are more likely to brush and floss our teeth daily. However, some of us must travel, and like with most things we can do in the comfort of our homes, and things become more difficult and burdensome.

Many people avoid flossing while traveling, while others struggle to fit their water flosser into a bulky toiletry bag. Most people are content to bring along a simple string or ribbon floss. The latter is undoubtedly a possibility, but individuals who use a water flosser at home may want to continue using it even while traveling.

Travel water flossers are designed to meet this specific demand by combining efficacy with ease of portability. But how can one choose the best one for them?

Preferred Travel Size

When we travel, we frequently use bathrooms smaller than those at home. For example, we frequently travel with family or a companion who needs a share of the bathroom space. As a result, the cordless water flosser should only take up a little space. Therefore, a medium-sized travel water flosser is ideal for taking on a trip.

Packing Simplicity

Of course, this is also a factor to consider when packing. We normally bring a toiletry bag or a pack, but we want it to be compact enough to hold our essentials without being too big. There’s no getting around the fact that the mobile water flosser will take up some room, but it will only be as cumbersome with a charging station. As a result, the portable water flosser should take up at least 20% to 30% less space than a normal one. In addition, the mobile water flosser would incorporate a storage box for easier packing.

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