Heading for Efficiency Improvement: Introducing ForwardX Robotics

The need to automate warehouses, storage, and logistics industries have accelerated, and reliable technology is critical to the growth and modernization of critical business operations. ForwardX Robotics is a professional manufacturer of AMR picking automation; come check them out.

What are the AMRs?

Like humans, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) can detect their environment and adapt accordingly. AMRs are industrial robots that can lift and transport materials like pallets and goods within a warehouse. The robot uses light detection and ranging (LIDAR) to sense its surroundings and obstacles and safely navigate people, equipment, and inventory.

What are the advantages of applying ForwardX AMRs?

ForwardX AMRs allow for creating immediate value in the warehouse environment to address business challenges. Achieving this intelligent automation allows companies to address faster fulfillment in tighter spaces or faster filling labor gaps. ForwardX AMRs can create the agility to achieve results beyond imagination.

Features of ForwardX’s AMR


  1. Scale up or down operations to accommodate changes, growth, or processes.
  2. No need to set a fixed route, i.e., ForwardX AMRs can quickly adapt to fit the route or create new “spaces” in the warehouse.
  3. If obstacles are encountered, ForwardX AMRs can smoothly find alternative routes.


  1. ForwardX AMRs introduce laser detection and visual recognition technology that helps the AMRs detect and avoid obstacles in their path.
  2. ForwardX AMRs are CE certified and meet human health, safety, and environmental standards.
  3. ForwardX AMRs help reduce manual forklift accidents.


ForwardX has created a flexible and efficient warehouse automation solution that can meet the needs of small and medium-piece warehouses. The solution can meet the needs of all scenarios of the medium, small and medium-sized, and small-sized warehouses. Their products are proven to improve the efficiency of warehousing systems with high quality. Visit ForwardX‘s official website for more information.

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