Criticism on the Internet: Accept, Forgive, and Forget

The Internet is an aggressive environment. Offline, people don’t often come up to share an opinion about you, your behavior, or your appearance. It isn’t socially accepted for logical reasons.

For the Internet, it isn’t only typical, but it’s considered the norm. Therefore, a creator who thinks about sharing his work with the world or showing the prototypes of 3D slots risks receiving unsolicited and tactless remarks.

The mature creators let it pass them by, and rightly so. But for some, negative comments can throw them off balance for a long time. They can make you want to abandon everything, take a train, and go far away from this galaxy.

If the criticism hurts you, makes you think about what happened, creates havoc with your self-esteem or prompts you to spend time trying to clear your bright name, these tips will definitely come in handy.

The first thing you have to agree with – you cannot change the behavior of other people. So do not dream of winning the war and wake up on the Internet, where everyone is kind, soft and fluffy.

But the good news is that everyone can learn to accept negative comments calmly, and even with benefits to themselves. It’s enough to pass them through the three filters that will be discussed.

Arm yourself with the most unpleasant comment about your work, and try to look at it through glasses. But not simple, but special, revealing the very essence of things and people.

Retro Glasses

Let’s start with the most obvious fact: any negative comment on the Internet is letters on a screen. You encounter millions of letters in a day that provoke no reaction. Only a few are capable of hooking you.

It takes more than letters to set off a biochemical storm in the body called emotion. You have to give them meaning and pull up a series of associations from the immediate or distant past. That’s what the brain does while you’re reading negative comments. And then it triggers the appropriate reactions and your heart clenches sadly or your fists angrily.

Retro glasses are designed to tell you the truth – you are not reacting to the letters, but to your memories. Everything the letters remind you of is far behind, where you took the role of a small unreasonable child. It was he who cared about earning the approval of the big uncles and aunts. It was he who could be hurt by not conforming to their expectations.

The main thing to understand and accept is that everything happens in your head. And you can learn to control your head at least partially. And now you have the power to shift your attention to something else. For example, on washing dishes, or to draw the next masterpiece.

Identity Glasses

If you feel a negative statement fundamentally changes your opinion of your creation, put on your identification glasses. Let’s figure out who’s evaluating you.

Usually negative comments are written by people who are unaware of your goals. The person may think that your work is meant to surprise or amaze them with unusual solutions. While you are creating only for pleasure and successfully getting it.

Moreover, experience affects the grade. In fact, more experienced and competent people don’t tend to rate novice laborers. Not out of solidarity, as it may seem. But because they know and see too much to comment quickly. They don’t have time to comment on the work of strangers.

You should care about the opinion of whoever is paying you and whoever is helping you learn. After all, you might be interested in the opinion of a friend to whom you gave an illustration as a gift. But not someone who knows nothing about you, about your goals and doesn’t understand the subject himself.

Rest assured, people who understand and can give valuable comments, with your goals and objectives in mind, do not scatter negative comments on the Internet. They don’t have the desire, time, or opportunity to do it. Rather, it’s you who will have to sneakily ask them to look at your work, or pay a lot of money to do so by taking schools and courses.

Empathy Points

If the storm still hasn’t subsided and a stingy tear is still rolling in, you can use the ultimate trump card: empathy points.

Through them you will see that on the other side of the screen sits the same kind of person, enraptured by biochemical processes. He has his war in his head, associations and expectations. They encourage him to set aside his personal life and development to make his point to the world.

Think of how children behave. They are the ones who express their opinions wherever possible. They don’t recognize the context of the situation and don’t care if they are being asked or not. This is normal. Their brains are not yet formed and they do not yet know where they end and other people begin.

But if a person is an adult and behaves like a child, it spoils their mood, relationships and life every day. It also makes him unhappy and unfulfilled. For such a person, the Internet is sometimes the only place to safely dump their unhappiness.

This is not a call to condescendingly pity the poor person. If criticism on the Internet can get you hard, you haven’t gone far from it yourself.

The truth is that you are not the happiest and most fulfilled person on the planet. You also have room to grow. And if you find yourself in a situation where someone else’s comment throws you off-balance, that’s great. You have a good reason to behave like an adult. Namely, to stop the war inside and outside, directing the released energy on the development. As a last resort, take the dog for a walk or pet the cat. But the best thing you can do is to keep creating and trying to outdo yourself every time.

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