Active Kinetic 1

Active Kinetic 1 motion energy deices take advantage of Kinetic energy harvesting (KEH), a process of converting movement into electricity.

The KEH devices capture energy that would otherwise be wasted. This technology is useful for a number of reasons;

– it helps conserve energy by taking advantage of natural movements.

– it can provide a source of energy for self-sustaining systems like sensors, wireless devices and internet of things devices.

– it can be useful in remote locations where traditional power sources are not available.

– it is a cost-effective source of energy, because it does not rely on traditional energy sources.

Active Kinetic 1 KEH is a sustainable energy source because it converts the energy from movement into electrical energy and is made from 100% recycled materials. As we move towards a net zero future, Active Kinetic 1 aims to integrate more of these renewable sources onto the grid and for people that live and work off grid. Off-grid electricity is necessary for areas without access to the traditional electrical grid. Reasons for this include, Remote locations, Reliable and sustainable energy sources, Cost-effectiveness, Independence from grid failures.

Active Kinetic 1 KEH offers a way to capture and reuse energy that would have been otherwise wasted, providing a viable solution with a variety of applications that stretches from farming to space travel. Active Kinetic 1 KEH has a wide range of applications, including in wearable devices, wireless sensors, smart cities, and renewable energy systems. Wireless sensors that use KEH can be self-sustaining and operate for long periods of time without the need for battery replacements.

For example, wearable devices that use Active Kinetic 1 KEH can help prolong battery life by generating electricity from the movement of the user.

Another application of KEH is in renewable energy systems, such as wave or tidal energy systems. These systems harness the kinetic energy of ocean waves or tides to generate electricity. By capturing this energy, KEH can help reduce dependence on non-renewable energy sources and contribute to a more sustainable energy mix.

Renewable energy requires many solutions to tackle the current energy crisis. As energy demands are set to increase exponentially, we currently underestimate future demands. The current renewable energy technology is not easily portable or reliable or both. We need to find solutions that replace heavy batteries or reduce the need for so many batteries in devices. Kinetic energy harvesting seems to provide that answer with the right technology.

Generators burn fossil fuels like coal and gas to help generate electricity, this releases carbon dioxide and other  greenhouse gases.  Carbon dioxide traps heat in the earth’s atmosphere, contributing to global warming.    Renewable energy providers pathway to reducing our carbon emissions.

Every individuals carbon footprint needs to be reduced in the next few years drastically to avert climate change on an irreparable scale.

Although we do have various forms of renewable energy, such as hydro electric, solar, power, farms, wind farms, offshore wind farms, they only substitute a small percentage of the energy retrieved worldwide from burning fossil fuels. Unfortunately, fossil fuels send a variety of substances into the atmosphere, causing climate change and in the worst cases acid rain.

A new dawn of renewable technology that promises to replace fossil fuel energy and improve the existing technology can be provided by kinetic energy harvesting. Active kinetic 1 have produced several working prototypes and I’m now in the late process of building, personal energy devices and commercial energy devices that use KEH for motion energy technology.

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