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Vacuum Casting Service: Rapid Tooling with KAIAO

When it comes to rapid tooling, KAIAO offers an advanced vacuum casting service that provides efficient and high-quality manufacturing solutions. By utilizing the vacuum casting process, KAIAO can produce complex prototypes with precision and accuracy. With a focus on detail and surface finish, KAIAO ensures that clients receive top-notch products for various purposes, including functionality tests.

The Vacuum Casting Process

The vacuum casting process begins with the master building phase. A silicon form is placed into a vacuum chamber filled with polyurethane. The silicon mold undergoes heating and deformation, followed by solidification. This step ensures the formation of a high-quality mold for further manufacturing.

Mold and Part Production

Once the mold is ready, the vacuum casting process continues with the creation of molds and parts. The vacuum eliminates any trapped air inside the silicon form, ensuring a bubble-free manufacturing process. Additionally, gas vents are strategically implemented to accommodate the complexity of the prototype. Each silicon form typically yields 10 to 20 pieces, allowing for efficient low-volume production.

Surface Finish and Quality Assurance

KAIAO pays meticulous attention to surface finish to deliver exceptional products to clients. The finishing process includes polishing, silk screening, laser etching, chrome plating, and more. These measures result in high-quality, visually appealing prototypes that meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of the intended applications. With KAIAO’s commitment to detail, clients can expect reliable and durable prototypes.


KAIAO’s vacuum casting service offers rapid tooling solutions for clients seeking high-quality prototypes. With a streamlined process that includes master building, mold and part production, and meticulous surface finish, KAIAO ensures the delivery of accurate and visually appealing prototypes for various purposes. Experience the benefits of KAIAO’s vacuum casting service for your rapid tooling needs and witness the exceptional results they provide.

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