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The Ultimate Guide to a Minimalist Kitchen

The minimalist design trend continues to grow in popularity for its clean lines, ample open spaces, and pared-down aesthetic. Adopting a minimalist approach can make kitchens feel soothing and tranquil. Carefully editing elements down to just the essentials means you can create a minimalist kitchen that is both calming and functional.

Focus on Simplicity

At its core, minimalism places emphasis on simplicity through the removal of clutter and ornamentation. To achieve a minimalist kitchen, make simplicity the priority.

Declutter counters and drawers to leave out only the items you use daily. Store small appliances when not in use rather than leaving them out on the counters. Clean surfaces free of everything but necessities.

Accentuate Open Spaces

In minimalist design, open spaces take center stage while furnishings and finishes blend into the background. Take advantage of open spaces to stretch out and elongate the kitchen visually.

Consider removing upper cabinets altogether to open the space up to the ceiling. This showcases windows, lighting, or other architectural elements overhead. For necessary storage, use wall-mounted cabinets sparingly or install a few low-profile open shelves.

Direct Focus with Strategic Storage

While minimalism dictates limited possessions, you still need places to tuck away essential kitchen items. Strategic storage solutions keep necessities accessible yet out of sight.

For a streamlined look, go for handleless cabinets with touch latches. This creates long uninterrupted lines across cabinet fronts. Inside cabinets incorporate deep drawers to contain items away from view.

Take advantage of all vertical storage space from floor to ceiling. Install tall, narrow cabinets for housing appliances, so counters stay clutter-free.

Select Neutral Elements

Neutrals in soft, light to medium tones align well with minimalism by receding into the background. They keep the focus on clean lines and negative space rather than bold colors.

Crisp white is a popular neutral shade for minimalist kitchen cabinets, shelves, and trim. It emanates a clean, bright feel. Subdued grays, tans and wood tones also work beautifully.

If choosing quartz countertops, the experts at Bedrock Quartz recommend whites, creams and grayish patterns which work perfectly with a minimalist aesthetic. Keep backsplashes and accent tile simple. White subway tile is a classic choice.

Illuminate with Natural Light

Abundant natural light aligns perfectly with minimalist design. Sunlight streaming into a space makes it feel open and airy. Seek out ways to maximize sunlight in your minimalist kitchen remodel.

Strategically place windows above sinks or prep areas where tasks require good visibility. Skylights flood spaces with natural light from above, so consider adding them if feasible.

Glass cabinet doors, glass backsplashes, and glass pendant lights encourage light to penetrate a kitchen’s inner areas. Have an open sightline between the kitchen and brighter living spaces.

Stick to Unembellished Finishes

Fancy finishes like intricate tile designs, ornate moldings, or heavily textured paints clash with minimalism. Keep finishes as simple and streamlined as possible.

For painted cabinets, opt for matte, ultra-smooth finishes. Gloss or metallic paints reflect too much light and feel excessive.

Polished chrome fixtures in modern, linear styles blend seamlessly into a minimalist kitchen. Brushed metals also align well with the pared-down look.

Use marble, granite, or quartz slabs without heavy patterning or variegation. The most unembellished materials make the strongest minimalist statement.


The ultimate minimalist kitchen artfully balances open space, clean lines, strategic storage, and purposeful décor. Every element works together to create a tranquil, decluttered environment. The kitchen functions flawlessly not despite being minimalist, but because of it.

Following these guiding principles allows you to design a breathtaking minimalist kitchen aligned with your personal taste. Pairing simplicity with style results in a calming space you’ll absolutely love.

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