The Importance Of Telecentric Lenses

Telecentric lenses are a type of optical lens that is designed to correct the parallax of an ordinary industrial lens. Unfortunately, due to the way that most industrial lenses are made, they cannot collect collimated light ray bundles and therefore have some distortion in their pictures. In this article, you’ll find out how telecentric lenses can help with these issues.

Why telecentric lenses are important?

Telecentric lenses are a type of lens that is designed to correct for distortion caused by the camera’s angle of view. This is important because inaccurate distortion can lead to blurry images and inaccurate measurements. Telecentric lenses are also used in surveying and mapping applications, as they help to produce accurate representations of three-dimensional objects.

Telecentric lenses are typically used in industrial settings to improve the accuracy and quality of product images. By correcting this distortion, telecentric lenses produce more accurate and consistent images.

What are the applications of telecentric lenses?

Telecentric lenses have numerous applications in various fields of optics, such as the 3C industry, semiconductor industry, and industrial inspection. Telecentric lenses are also used in image stabilization systems in cameras and other optical devices.  Telecentric lenses allow for better image quality and accuracy than other types of lenses. They also have a smaller distortion than other lenses, which can be helpful in certain applications.


Telecentric lenses are a type of lens that has been designed to correct the aberration caused by an object’s image being seen from multiple angles. Aberrations can include variations in focus, distortion, and colors that aren’t true-to-life. If you’re ever in need of a telecentric lens, be sure to check out our selection at SmartMoreInside.

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