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SmartMoreInside Barcode Scanners for Increased Productivity

SmartMoreInside, a leading sub-brand of SmartMore Corporation, specializes in providing innovative barcode scanners that are designed to enhance productivity across various industries. With their commitment to delivering top-quality products and adherence to strict manufacturing standards, SmartMoreInside as the barcode scanner manufacturer is the trusted choice for businesses seeking to optimize their operations.

About SmartMoreInside

  1. Innovative Products and Manufacturing Standards:

The barcode scanner manufacturer SmartMoreInside leverages its expertise in sensors, machine vision systems, and control systems to develop cutting-edge barcode scanners. The company operates state-of-the-art manufacturing units that adhere to top production standards, ensuring the highest quality products. Furthermore, SmartMoreInside’s barcode scanners hold certifications such as FCC, CE, and RoHS, guaranteeing product quality and compliance.

Applications of SmartMoreInside Barcode Scanners

  1. Semiconductor Industry Collaboration:

SmartMoreInside collaborates with leading enterprises in the semiconductor field, offering barcode scanners that support critical processes like wafer detection, PCB detection, and chip craft analysis. These scanners contribute to improved efficiency and accuracy in semiconductor manufacturing.

  1. Food & Beverage Processing Solutions:

SmartMoreInside barcode scanners provide significant benefits in the food and beverage industry. They enable packaging inspection, assembly verification, and traceability, ensuring product quality and compliance. Additionally, these scanners streamline warehouse and distribution management processes, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

  1. Automotive Manufacturing Digitization:

In the automotive sector, SmartMoreInside barcode scanners play a vital role in digitizing manufacturing processes. They facilitate production line optimization, accurate quality control, and efficient equipment maintenance, contributing to increased productivity and streamlined operations.

SmartMoreInside’s Key Products

  1. SMI-HA310W-02 – Wireless Commercial Handheld Code Reader:

This barcode scanner offers versatile support for 1D and 2D codes across various scenarios. It features long-range 2.4G wireless communication, allowing operators to move freely within a 50-meter working distance. The scanner also incorporates off-line data storage capabilities for convenient data management.

  1. SMI-HA320-02 – Wireless On-screen Handheld Scanner:

The SMI-HA320-02 stands out with its revolutionary design and fashionable digital product style. It features a 1.8-inch TFT color screen that provides real-time product information display, enhancing the user experience. With dual wireless integration (2.4G+Bluetooth), this scanner ensures stable and versatile connectivity options.


When it comes to increasing productivity in your business, the barcode scanner manufacturer SmartMoreInside barcode scanners are the ideal choice. With their expertise, innovative products, and collaborations across the semiconductor, food and beverage, and automotive industries, SmartMoreInside offers solutions tailored to specific business needs. Whether you choose the SMI-HA310W-02 or the SMI-HA320-02, you can trust SmartMoreInside to provide high-quality barcode scanners that drive increased efficiency, accuracy, and success in your operations.

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