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Revolutionizing DNA Sequencing: GeneMind’s MrLH-96 Automated Workstation

In the world of DNA sequencing, GeneMind Biosciences stands at the forefront of innovation with their groundbreaking MrLH-96 Automated Workstation. This advanced DNA sequencing instrument offers unparalleled automation and efficiency, simplifying the laboratory workflow and revolutionizing the field of genetic analysis.

Highly Automated, Less Manpower Needed

GeneMind’s MrLH-96 Automated Workstation boasts impressive features that reduce the need for manual intervention and enhance productivity. With 24 plates positions and a plates stack function, the instrument enables high-throughput acid extraction and NGS library preparation. Researchers can now achieve fully automated DNA sequencing, eliminating the need to add reagents and consumables during the process. This breakthrough technology significantly reduces labor requirements and streamlines operations.

Easy to Connect with LIMS System

Seamless integration with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) is crucial for efficient data management. GeneMind’s MrLH-96 Automated Workstation simplifies this process by incorporating automatic code scanning. By pre-setting data in the software database, researchers can effortlessly transfer information directly into their LIMS system. This feature not only saves time but also ensures accuracy and facilitates a seamless workflow.

Compatible with Inheco Temperature Control Module

Temperature control is a critical aspect of DNA sequencing to achieve optimal results. GeneMind’s MrLH-96 Automated Workstation is engineered for compatibility with the Inheco Temperature Control Module. This integration enables precise temperature control within the range of 4~70°C, perfectly aligning with the NGS hybridization capture process. Researchers can rely on accurate and stable temperature conditions, enhancing the quality and reproducibility of their sequencing experiments.


GeneMind’s MrLH-96 Automated Workstation is revolutionizing the field of DNA sequencing instruments. With its high level of automation, seamless integration with LIMS systems, and compatibility with the Inheco Temperature Control Module, researchers can now conduct DNA sequencing with unprecedented ease, efficiency, and accuracy. GeneMind continues to push the boundaries of genetic analysis, providing scientists with the tools they need to unlock the mysteries of the genome and drive advancements in healthcare and personalized medicine.

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