Instructions for playing Dragon Tiger Okvip – From a dreamer to a master

Game Dragon Tiger Link OKVIP increasingly attracting more players when registering at Okvip. Although the rules of dragon and tiger are very simple, to win, you need to clearly understand the rules, rules and experience to win big. In this article, Okvip would like to share experiences from players who have won.

Introducing the game Dragon Tiger Okvip

Dragon Tiger is a popular card game in Cambodia. With its appeal and simple gameplay, this game quickly attracted and became widely popular not only in Vietnam but also throughout Asia.

Okvip Dragon Tiger game perfectly combines elements of luck and strategy. Players participate by betting on one of two sides: Dragon or Tiger. The way to play is very simple, just predict which side will have higher value after the card is opened. Although the gameplay is simple, the game still brings dramatic and exciting moments, as players place bets and wait for the results.

One of the outstanding strengths of Dragon Tiger at Okvip is the diversity in betting. Players can participate with bets that suit their budget, from small amounts to large amounts. In addition, the game also has many outstanding features and extremely attractive payout rates. This creates opportunities for players to have a more diverse and comfortable experience when participating in the game, without causing financial pressure.

Another advantage is portability, this game has been optimized for play on mobile devices, allowing players to participate anytime, anywhere. This makes Okvip the ideal bookmaker for those who are passionate about casino games and looking for an opportunity to make money in just a few games.

The easiest way to win Okvip dragon tiger online

Mechanical terminology in the game Dragon Tiger

In the game Dragon Tiger Okvip, there are some important terms that you must know:

  • Dealer: This is the dealer in the game.
  • Dragon (Dragon door): Represented in red, the dragon is one of 3 doors that you can bet on.
  • Tiger: This bet is often shown in blue.
  • Tie (Tie): This bet means when the above two bets have the same total score. However, this bet is quite difficult to achieve, as the odds at this door are extremely valuable.

What are the rules of Dragon Tiger Okvip?

In the Dragon Tiger game, players can bet on three bets: Dragon, Tiger or Draw, to predict the outcome of the game. 

After the dealer opens the cards, the result will be determined by comparing the scores of the Dragon and Tiger trio between the player and the dealer. If the value of the Dragon door is higher than the Tiger door, then the Dragon wins. On the contrary, if the value of the Tiger door is higher than the Dragon door, then the Tiger wins. And in case the value of both is the same, the result will be a Draw.

If you predict correctly, you will receive a bonus corresponding to your bet level. To be successful in this game, you need to have knowledge about scoring and appropriate betting strategies.

How to calculate points in Dragon Tiger 

In the game Dragon Tiger Okvip, the result of each hand is calculated by summing up the points from the cards in the Dragon or Tiger trio. The scoring method is as follows:
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  • The score of the Dragon/Tiger hand is determined by the total value of the three cards in the Dragon trio. In particular, card A represents the lowest value (1 point).
  • The cards from 2 to 10 correspond to their scores.
  • Cards J, Q, K are worth 11, 12, and 13 points respectively.

In Dragon and Tiger, the outcome of each hand is determined based on the total points of the Dragon and Tiger. Whichever door has the higher total score will win. In case both bets have the same total score, the result will be a tie. This scoring method helps players easily determine the results of each hand based on the scores of the Dragon and Tiger. Understanding this rule will help you play Dragon Tiger at Link Bet confidently and professionally. 

Odds between bets

The odds in the card game Dragon Tiger Okvip are shown as follows:

  • Dragon (if there is a tie, the bet is lost in half): 1 to 1
  • Tiger (if there is a tie, the bet is lost in half): 1 to 1
  • Draw (Dragon and Tiger card scores are the same): 1 to 8
  • Black Dragon (Spades or Clubs): 1 to 0.9
  • Red Dragon (Hearts or Diamonds): 1 to 0.9
  • Black Tiger (Spades or Clubs): 1 to 0.9
  • Red Tiger (Hearts or Diamonds): 1 to 0.9
  • Odd Dragon (Dragon card score is an odd number): 1 wins 0.75
  • Even Dragon (Dragon card score is even): 1 to 1.05
  • Odd Tiger (The Tiger card score is an odd number): 1 wins 0.75
  • Tiger Even (Tiger card score is even): 1 to 1.05
  • Dragon Tai (Dragon card score from 7 to 13): 1 to 0.75
  • Dragon Under (Dragon card score from 1 to 6): 1 to 1.05
  • Tiger Tai (Tiger card score from 7 to 13): 1 to 0.75
  • Tiger Under (Tiger card score from 1 to 6): 1 to 1.05

Detailed instructions on how to bet on Dragon Tiger Okvip 

To participate in the Dragon Tiger game at Okvip, follow the steps below: 

  • Step 1: First, if you have ever played at a bookmaker, create an account on Okvip by visiting the website and registering. Then, deposit money into your account to be able to bet. 
  • Step 2: Once logged in successfully, select “Live Casino” ⇒ Select Ku casino lobby => Find Dragon Tiger game => Click on the table you want to play 
  • Step 3: At the table interface, you will see the dealer take the cards from the tray and divide them into two piles of dragons and tigers. As soon as the dealing is completed, you will have 16 seconds to place your bet. Bet on the door you want, with the corresponding odds.
  • Step 4: After the betting time ends (15 seconds), the dealer opens the cards and the game results will be displayed directly on the screen. If you win, the winning amount will be added directly to your account and you can continue to participate in the new game.

Above are the basic steps to participate in playing Dragon Tiger at the house. Make sure you all understand the game rules and terms on the Okvip website before betting.

Methods of playing Dragon Tiger that guarantee victory

Play to win closely

The method of playing to win closely in Dragon Tiger is a strategy favored by veteran players. The idea of ​​this strategy is when you already have 2 winning games and 1 losing game or with 10 winning games and 9 losing games. You will continue to bet on the Dragon side in the next bet and hope to continue to win.

However, it should be noted that this strategy is not always successful.

Play by looking at the picture and guessing the bet

This method of playing Dragon Tiger Okvip is extremely simple and easy to understand. As long as you observe carefully for about 3-4 bets, you will understand the betting rules of the game. If you are a careful player, you can record the scores of each card to have a better overview.

Note that in this way of playing, you do not need to care about the card line chart. More importantly, you only need to focus on the newly dealt card. This will help you identify the trends and patterns needed to make smart betting decisions.

Experience playing Dragon Tiger at Okvip that you should know

Understand the rules of the game: Before starting to play, make sure you understand the rules of the game. Understanding how to place bets and payout rules will help you make smart and considered decisions.

You should not bet on Draw: The probability of this number appearing is only about 12.5%, which is a very low number. Although if you guess this door correctly, you will still only receive 50% of your original bet back. Therefore, when deciding to bet on Draw, always calculate and consider carefully.

Stake management: Stake management is an important factor in any gambling game. Set a specific amount of money and do not exceed the set limit. This helps you control your bets and avoid unnecessary risks.

Don’t believe in risky strategies: Avoid risky Dragon Tiger Okvip strategies that have not been proven effective. 

Stay calm: During the game, keep yourself calm and don’t let emotions influence your decisions. Make decisions based on information and logic to ensure your chances of winning.


Below is important information that new players need to know about Dragon Tiger Okvip. Hopefully the information Okvip Casino Sharing will help you be more confident when participating and easily win.

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