Installing New Weatherstripping or Patching the Old

Whistles and leaks inside your vehicle are usually the result of worn, torn, or faulty weather tripping (the gaskets that you find around the doors, windows, the sunroof, and the trunk opening). If the interior or trunk gets wet when you wash the car or when it rains, use a garden hose to locate the areas on the weather tripping that let the water in.

If the windows whistle when you drive with them closed, check the weather stripping for the cause of the sound effects. (If you notice leaks under the vehicle, see  for ways to find the source and eliminate the problem.) If your old weatherstripping is in pretty good shape but is admitting air or water in one or two small areas, try applying weatherstripping adhesive under the loose portions, or use a clear silicone sealer (which comes in a tube) to seal around the areas that leak.

If the weatherstripping is old, dried, cracked, or worn, you can probably buy a whole new piece designed for your vehicle’s make, model, and year at your dealer’s service department.

Dealing with Damaged

Windshields can easily collect pits and cracks from flying pebbles and other debris. It’s vital that these be repaired immediately — no matter how small — because, as you continue to drive, they will inevitably grow in size, obscure or distract your vision, and ultimately destroy your windshield. How you deal with windshield damage depends on the size of the crack or pit. This section discusses your options.

Generally speaking, if the windshield damage is less than one inch in diameter, it usually can be repaired. If it’s much larger, you’re probably better off getting a new windshield installed instead of paying a professional to repair it, only to have the weakened area give way at a future date.

If the damage is really tiny, you can try one of the windshield glass repair kits on the market, but their durability and whether they render the site irreparable by a professional is still under debate. If any damage is right in your line of vision, repairing it may not be the safest way to go.

Have the windshield replaced with a new one as quickly as possible? It’s not a great idea to get a used windshield from a wrecker because it may have tiny flaws, and it must be installed professionally anyway. Because airbag deployment creates stress on windshields and is designed with a specific windshield in mind, don’t risk a part that isn’t OEM.

That bargain could cost you your life in an accident. For this reason, have the work done by a windshield specialist you can trust. In many areas, mobile windshield replacement companies will do the job right in your driveway.

Last word

If you can’t get to a repair facility right away, gently put some transparent tape over the damage to keep it from spreading and try to drive as little as possible. Don’t touch the damage, try not to get it wet, and don’t run the air conditioner, heater, or defroster because moisture and changes in temperature can accelerate its growth.

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