How to Choose the Right Pump Shaft Sleeve

To understand what a pump shaft sleeve is, let’s think about the heart. A pump shaft sleeve is like a set of valves for a pump. It controls the flow of fluid inside the pump and determines how much pressure is exerted on the fluid. Pump shaft sleeves also stop leakage from occurring in the event that one valve fails or another component starts to wear out.

What is the Purpose of Pump Shaft Sleeves

Pump shaft sleeves are used to protect and extend the life of your pump’s shaft. The sleeve is placed over the shaft and held in place with set screws. Pump shafts are made of metal and are subject to wear and tear, especially at the seal area where the water or other liquid being pumped comes in contact with the shaft. Over time, this can damage the shaft, causing it to become worn or damaged.

Considerations When Buying a Pump Shaft Sleeve

When selecting a pump shaft sleeve, there are several considerations that must be taken into account in order to ensure the proper fit and function of the sleeve. First, the inner diameter of the sleeve must be slightly larger than the outer diameter of the pump shaft. This clearance is necessary to allow for smooth operation of the pump and to prevent binding or seizure of the shaft. Second, the material of the sleeve must be compatible with the fluid being pumped, as well as any other materials that may come into contact with it. Incompatible materials can lead to corrosion or leaching of chemicals into the fluid being pumped. Finally, the wall thickness of the sleeve must be sufficient to withstand the pressures exerted by the pumping action without collapsing or deforming.


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